Wasder Pioneers Social Gaming Microverse on Solana

It’s a new year (Happy New Year!), and it’s going to be a big one for Wasder! Some of you saw the press announcement that went out last week regarding our choice to build on the Solana blockchain. In this post, we will go into more detail about why we chose Solana, and what that means for you, whether you are a gamer or a game developer. Hold on to your hats, because the ride is about to begin!

What is a microverse?

Let’s start with the big topic here, because all good things begin with a thought and a vision, which then through consistent action (and sometimes a little blood, sweat and tears) turns into reality. Among all the hype around metaverses and all the metaverses being built, we have decided to build a microverse, because it makes total sense.

So, what is a Social Gaming Microverse?

Well, we break it down into 3 core layers, and we will give a lot more information on this in the time to come, but a high level description would be:

  • A modern Social Gaming Platform for the new generation of gamers.
  • Game Spaces — allows players to explore and immerse themselves in their favorite games and metaverses on our platform.
  • The Game of Wasder, a third interaction layer that lets users interact with brands themselves, earn rewards and showcase them to create a truly personal expression of their collections and achievements, while ALSO using these rewards to express themselves to other people.

Realistically, the Game of Wasder is a full on blockchain game inside the Social Gaming Platform.

Imagine you play in 4 different metaverses, but you’d like to have one place to show off all your achievements? Imagine that’s on a decentralized platform that doesn’t own your achievements and you can do WHATEVER you wish to do with them? That’s us. It’s a place where you can showcase your achievements, loot, rewards, gains, booty (that’s “pirate booty” and nothing else, please) from all the games you play and the metaverses you visit. You can bring in your friends, and you can follow your favorite games. Pretty cool, huh?

We’ve come to think about it as your basecamp for metaverse adventures.
It’s where you and other heroes come to hang out, trade stories and stock up on loot!

It’s all gamified!

We’ve talked quite a bit about the Game of Wasder, which is one of three core components in creating a Social Gaming Microverse, and how Wasder will be the first fully gamified social platform where the entire gamification system is built on blockchain technology.

Now imagine your cool little microverse where you hang out with your friends, find new friends, showcase your items, and follow your favorite games. Now also imagine that your favorite game or metaverse has a battlepass on Wasder. For a whole month, you can do quests and tasks to earn points, and the more points you earn, the cooler rewards you get.

And every season, the rewards & NFTs are 100% exclusive to Wasder!

In some seasons you will even be able to use those items & rewards in the actual featured game. Of course depending on partner and how fast we can influence traditional game developers to see the beauty of NFTs and blockchain technology.

We wanted to create a system that gives every player equal access to earning & acquiring really cool rewards & NFTs. After every season, control and ownership of those rewards & items should be in the hands of the players, ensuring that everyone can enjoy what we create, and that it creates a vibrant, decentralized and player controlled economy after each season ends.

Why we chose Solana?

When choosing where to build our Game of Wasder, we wanted a platform that would help us give the power back to the players. And we wanted someone who shares our vision of 100 million gamers adopting blockchain technology for all the benefits that it gives them!

We also really love the Solana ecosystem. We’ve seen many publishers move over or start projects in the Solana ecosystem. Since we also build for game publishers/developers, we found it to be a perfect match. Here are a couple of other reasons:

  • It’s highly scalable.
  • Their transaction speeds are very high.
  • They can handle tens of thousands of transactions every second, and the cost of a transaction is extremely low.
  • They are one of the most “green” or “sustainable” blockchains, and that’s important to us. You can see their energy usage from Nov ’21 here.
  • Both the protocol and the team behind it are awesome!

It was highly important to Wasder that Solana cares about the environment, because caring about the future of gaming also means caring about the future gamers and the planet they live on. This is why we are so happy to know that Solana is officially Carbon Neutral!

How it matches our goals

Building on Solana, and growing with the Solana ecosystem is perfectly aligned with our goals here at Wasder. Our demographic is gamers. There are thousands of articles and blog posts written about blockchain in gaming, but to us it’s about making it a seamless experience that’s fast, cheap and easy to understand.

The scalability of Solana is also very important, as Wasder plans on entering hypergrowth during Q1, 2022. Our goal is to bring in more than 5 million users this year, and they will be automatically onboarded into the Game of Wasder, which will be built on Solana.

Ending thoughts

We are about to double the team size here at Wasder, and we are looking forward to really opening the gates with our growth partner Google. There are many other news in the pipeline, among them some new partnerships that will be very beneficial. Keep your eyes and ears open, and if you’d like to participate in the community, just download the app from the app store, or if you’re into blockchain, join us on Telegram.

Until next time!